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Hi Doctor, About 4 months ago, I had vomiting, constipation and pain in lower back abdomen due to pushing and gas. I went to the doctor and he wrote few tests. My urine tests showed protein, traces of blood and my CBC blood test had WBC and NEU higher than normal. He wrote another test for creatinine and blood urea and it was 3.3 and 55. He referred me to a nephrologist. The next day, I couldn’t see nephrologist because he was out of town. I felt so much thirsty on that day and drank alot of water. The nephrologist wrote same tests again and this time my urine has no traces of blood or protein, my CBC was normal except Hematocrit little less and my creatinine was dropped to 2 while BUN was 43. My ultrasound report showed no back pressure, normal size kidney, high echogenicity suggested. The nephrologist said it is temporary and said to go for tests again after 15 days. The test are normal since then. No traces of blood in urine, no protein since 4 months now. I have done 4 more tests. I am concern if I have CKD or is there any chance of CKD and what my ultrasound report mean by high echogenicity suggested?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  You could have acute kidney injury that is in the process of recovery or you could have chronic kidney disease (CKD) with acute kidney injury … Continue reading

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Lately my creatinine went from 2.9 to 3.4 to 3.2 and more recently it shot up to 5.0 and a week later from 5.0 it went back to 2.9. Can you tell me what’s going on with my creatinine?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  These sudden changes need to be reviewed by your nephrologist.  You may require some adjustments in your medication if there are remarkable changes in your … Continue reading

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My three year old son is in remission with Stage II WILMS FH. He had a left radical nephrectomy. He is currently being followed by oncology. Recent test have shown that his GFR was a 38, according to the pediatric calculator. His BUN was 13 and Creatinine ranged from .40 to .45. The pediatrician and oncologist do not seem to be worried. We would like to be seen by a nephrologist but they do not seem to think it is necessary. What is your thoughts?

Wilm’s tumors are treated by a urologist.  Removing one kidney should cause a reduction in the overall kidney function.  That is an expected result from removing one kidney.  I suggest that your son continue to consult with his pediatrician.  Referral … Continue reading

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I have had uric acid kidney stones for over a year. I get them every month. They pass on their own. I go to the hospital for pain management if I have to. Recent blood test from hospital on June 10 showed chronic kidney disease stage 3. The creatine 1.33 gfr 46. CT tests showed multiple stones in left ureter. I am female 53 years old. Will I live long enough to see my 12 year old become an adult? My doctors never told me this. I never knew this could happen with just a year of stones. Could it go back to normal once stones pass?

Kidney stones are usually treated by a Urologist.  I am a Nephrologist and treat patients to prevent kidney stones.  I suggest that you consult with a Urologist and determine the best course of treatment for your existing stones.  You should … Continue reading

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Hello, My fathers kidneys have been declining since 1997 To make a long story short his PCP failed him by not referring him to Nephrologist (based on lab results) He had a complete workout w/ his specialist only to say his kidney functions were at 40% bloodwork, imaging showed no cause as to why his kidneys were declining in function. He recently July 18, 2017 switched to another specialist , the Dr ran extensive work up consisting of blood, lab, imaging tests as well as had his earlier medical records and tests. The dr said he had chronic kidney disease stage 4 All tests revealed indicating declines in both kidneys, Scarring on both kidneys. Sorry I’m not more precise as I’m getting info from my mother. I am going to request his lab results for myself. The Dr said he could not find a cause to what is causing his chronic kidney disease. My dad always had low blood pressure, no diabetes, was not overweight, led active lifestyle, no cardiac issues. No medical history that would explain. He served in Vietnam was drafted late 1960’s. He did receive 3 Purple Hearts. I do know he fell on landmine to save someone in his troop and had graphs put on his face. Also the use of agent Orange. I don’t believe (unsure) if Dr tested for genetic Markers, chromosomal etc.. he did have a biopsy years back which did not help or aid in explaining a cause. My question is what could be causing this? Is their a test that’s not standard or well known to do to help in finding a cause? I know environment, genetics and congenital could be possible causes. I am unsure if blood tests done or workup would show this. Any help would be appreciated. I am requesting my dads medical record. He is 73, Italian (born in Bari, Italy) has lived in MA area since he migrated here. He always had low blood pressure, his kidneys have high blood pressure, protein in urine . The ultrasound revealed small kidneys with extensive scarring. Hope this helps. I apologize for not being more specific while writing this. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated.

A kidney biopsy should be definitive as far as indicating the cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD).  The kidney biopsy, if the tissue sample was adequate, should give the pathological cause of the CKD.  I suggest that you review the … Continue reading

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I have a GFR of 47 and a creatinine of 1.28. Should I see a kidney specialist as well as my primary care doctor? I do not have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. I do have some odd autoimmune diseases. I am 55 years old.

Most primary care physicians (PCP’s) are capable to caring for early Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD).  I do recommend that you also have urine testing for blood, protein and infection to see if there are other findings associated with … Continue reading

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Last December, my creative creatinine level was 2.85. In July it was 4.01! I’m really scared. My Nephrologist said my nephropathy is getting worse. That is an understatement. I had a biopsy a year ago. The diagnosis was stage 4 IgA. Been on a self directed strict diet, restricting my intake of protein, and foods high in salt, and phosphorous. Was not overweight, but lost 28 lbs. Am always tired, but walk about 30 minutes every other day. I’m 41 year old Filippine female. My husband is a medical professional and feels that maybe now is the time to take a more aggressive approach. I’ve been taking 9,000 units of fish oil for over a year. Cyclophosamide along with corticosteroids and a removal of my tonsils should put me in remission.

I am not able to give medical advice without performing a complete history and physical examination.  It is best for you to consult with your nephrologist in the Philippines.    IgA nephropathy is a notoriously difficult disease to treat.  

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I keep hearing different things about dialysis. I am stage 5 but still urinate regularly. My biggest symptoms are feeling tired and loss of appetite. My doctors tell me I will live many years and feel great on dialysis but then I have nurses tell me its horrible on the body and after about 5 years your health goes down. What is the truth? If I did dialysis it would be home. I have no other serious health problems (ex. cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc). I’m trying to get on a transplant list now, but what is the truth about the side effects of dialysis?

Dialysis, especially dialysis done at home, is a way to stay alive and feel well until you get a kidney transplant.  There are many different responses to dialysis, but in general, most folks who start dialysis feel much better and … Continue reading

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Hello Doctor, One of my uncle is recently detected with CKD. His creatinine level is 5.19 (reduced from 5.46 a week ago) and Phosphate is 5.50. He is a diabetic since last 15 years. Doctors are advising him to get the A V Fistula surgery done as he may get dialysis done at any time. But somehow he is not willing to do so and asking if he will control his Blood Sugar, Food and BP, is it possible to stay healthy and of course with monitoring of creatinine level. When do you think? When dialysis becomes a must or at which creatinine level, he must go for dialysis? Is there any medications for reducing creatinine level in blood?

There is no specific level of serum creatinine or level of kidney function that requires one to start dialysis. Dialysis is started to relieve symptoms that start to occur as a result of kidney failure.  Hence, the decision to start … Continue reading

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I’m a 66yo female with hematuria discovered in my urine 1 1/2yrs ago. Referred to urologist and have had pretty much all testing to determine the cause to no avail. Saw my urologist for my 6 month checkup and said “no more Cat-Scans” to which she agreed as nothing has showed up and after 7, I felt I didn’t want more unnecessary radiation. She wanted to do one more test which if it came back normal I wouldn’t see her again for another year. The test was a hematuria study to determine if the blood was coming from the upper of lower tract. Let me also say it’s only a very small amount of blood showing up and only on a dipstick or urinalysis. Not visable in my urine. Hematuria study came back that the blood is coming from my kidneys with the dx: “Dysmorphic erythrocytes indicating severe glomerular and/or renal tubular bleeding”. Now I just finished a 24hr urine collection test along with blood work to check for protein and a few other things. I haven’t got the results of this yet. My mother died of kidney cancer at age 66, her mother of some type of leukemia at age 68 and I had thyroid cancer at age 27. If this is kidney damage, should I be seeing a nephrologist and would the likely next step be a kidney biopsy. I feel like this might have been caused by high blood pressure I ignored for several years, only starting on medication a few months ago. To say I’m more then a little stressed out waiting for the results is an understatement, but have the feeling all I’m going to hear is “let’s do another test or procedure” so still will have no answers. Any insight would be appreciated.

Yes, the evaluation of isolated hematuria (blood in the urine) is first to see a urologist and make sure it is not coming from the lower urinary tract.  If nothing is found, then the next decision whether the red blood … Continue reading

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