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Hi. Good morning. My 6 yr. old son has nephrotic syndrome. We are not able to continue his monthly check up due to Covid 19 virus for 3 months. He’s taking 5ml prednisone and calcium once a day. Recently he’s struggling in peeing. His penis is like clogged or something. His urine comes out little by little only. But he said that it’s not painful. What should we do?? I’m hoping for an answer. Thank you.

This is not normal and your son needs to be examined. The inability to pass urine requires further evaluation. I suggest your son be examined by his pediatrician. For more information about childhood nephrotic syndrome, please visit:

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Hi Dr. Spry, My wife has Nephrotic Syndrome disease. We discovered in Feb. 2017 and her 24HR URINE PROFILE result was 4180. She used “Cellcept” and her result was still very high. It’s 2400. Is there any other medicine to get the best result? I appreciate it. Thanks.

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome usually requires that a kidney biopsy is performed. Treatment is based on a specific diagnosis and a specific diagnosis requires a kidney biopsy. If your wife has not had a kidney biopsy, I suggest one be … Continue reading

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I’m on dialysis for the past 18 months. I have been having problems sitting in the chair at the dialysis center for the 4 hours needed 3 times a week. I get extreme pain in my back, buttock cheeks and spine, legs and get extreme cramps in my left hand (the arm with the fistula) and at other times, cramps all over every muscle in my body–even those I never knew I had! The cramps last even the following days when I am not on dialysis. Also got an infection in the fistula (which is thank goodness is healing after months.) I am not a candidate for any other form of dialysis except that in a center. I have diabetes and related neuropathy which acts up while I am in the chair. I take strong pain killers but it does not help. I come to the center with pillows, blankets and a yoga mat to put on the chair but to no avail. I try keeping my legs up, reclining the back of the chair, still no help. I also understand that I can’t take muscle relaxers since I’m on dialysis. I’m sort of okay for the first 1-2 hours then the pain notches up to #10 level. I know it’s impossible for you to determine a specific reply without my full history and an exam, but on a general basis, if I ever decide enough is enough and I want to either skip a day or more of dialysis (especially if I am otherwise ill) what would be the ramifications? Also, if I just can’t take it anymore and want to permanently stop, would the death be more painful than continuing with dialysis “forever”? Is there a generalization as to how swiftly death would come (not considering the impact of other medical conditions?) Thanks for any answers and/or help you can provide

I am very sorry to hear of your situation.  This sounds like a horrible experience for you.  Unfortunately, I have had experience with other patients in your situation and it is always a very difficult conversation.  It is difficult because … Continue reading

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My husband and I are expecting our first child. We just received our genetic testing results back and we were told that we are both carriers for congenital nephrotic syndrome. We are being told that there is a 25% chance that our baby will have the syndrome and if he or she does then he or she will need a kidney transplant. Is a kidney transplant for a newborn with this syndrome done right away? If so what is the survival rate for this type of procedure? Are there any other treatment plans or is there anything that my husband and I could do now to better prepare for that potential possibility that our baby may need a transplant?

Most transplant programs will require the infant to achieve a specific weight prior to performing a kidney transplant.  This has to do with the infant achieving a sufficient weight and size so that the transplant can technically be performed.  The … Continue reading

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My dad is 79 years old and is #11 in the world with Anti-LRP2. He is at SLUH. Going down very quickly. He is on dialysis. Is there anyway they can bypass the kidneys completely to keep the proteins in his blood vessels and out of his body?

I will assume the Anti-LRP2 stands for “Anti-low-density lipoprotein receptor related lipoprotein 2” kidney disease.  I have no experience with this disease. This appears to be a very rare, recently recognized cause for severe nephrotic syndrome and glomerulonephritis. It may … Continue reading

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My brother has nephrotic syndrome and has developed nephritis. As far as I can see his medications are not working anymore. Any recommendations? Would love to hear from you.

In most cases, a kidney biopsy will be necessary in order to establish a specific diagnosis as to the cause of your brother’s nephritis. Once you have a specific diagnosis, then treatment can be recommended.  

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I am nephrotic syndrome patient since 2003 and I am facing problem in running or walking style. Like I have an unusual style. Also I am worried about my bone health. Is there any problem with my kidney regarding bones health?

Yes. As part of the Nephrotic Syndrome, your kidney loses Vitamin D binding protein and other important proteins that are critical to bone health. Hence, part of treating the nephrotic syndrome is to monitor bone health, replace Vitamin D and … Continue reading

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My kidney doctor orders lab tests to determine my P/C ratio. My family doctor orders lab tests in order to determine my A/C ratio. From reading some of your previous posts, I understand that the A/C test is more accurate for determining the level of albumin which is a type of protein. What is the purpose of determining these ratios separately; that is, what do these two ratios tell the respective doctors?

The protein to creatinine ratio (P/C ratio) is a measurement of total protein in the urine is often used to measure protein once the excretion rate is more than 200 milligrams per day or a ratio of 200 milligrams per … Continue reading

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I have just posted my question yesterday and you told me that all the sympstoms I stated seems to be not related with CKD as CKD Stage 3 usually doesn’t have any symptoms yet. He has undergone kidney biopsy last December and we are told by the doctors that he has CKD Stage 3 and only 48% of his kidneys is working. As you have said that it may imply other severe kidney diseases, why is it that the biopsy detected that he has CKD? Thank you.

The kidney biopsy is the definitive way to diagnose chronic kidney disease (CKD) and tells you what disease process is causing the kidney damage.  The Stage of CKD is determined by measurement of a glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and performance … Continue reading

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My wife, 66 yo, was recently diagnosed with kidney disease early stage kidney failure. Her protein numbers, etal remained somewhat steady for 6 months but on her last two labs they have shot up so the doctor ordered more aggressive treatment which includes prednisone and 2 chemo sessions. She never had a kidney biopsy and cancer has never been diagnosed. In fact by process of elimination the diagnosis is hereditary and high blood pressure. My wife did not ask why chemo if no cancer but I am really upset about it but don’t want to alarm her. Could there be another reason for the chemo? Thank You.

In order for your wife to receive chemotherapy for kidney disease, it is commonly necessary for your wife to sign a permit that she has received informed consent about the use of chemotherapy.  If your wife has not received informed … Continue reading

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