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I’m 18 years old and I have nephrotic syndrome and I also have just one kidney. What future complications can occur?

The nephrotic syndrome is a form of kidney disease that results in loss of excessive protein in the urine and is usually greater than 3.5 grams of protein loss per day. The nephrotic syndrome also results in edema or swelling … Continue reading

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My guy is on dialysis. His spKt/V is .9. I just want to know how low can this number get before he needs to be admitted to the hospital? URR 56, eKt/V .80, stdKt/V 1.71, BFR 422. Rx Duration 3 hours 45 minutes. Please, do not say talk to his DCI clinic. I truly believe he is a test subject to them and his care is not the best. A lot of blood loss from vials and miscalculating the needs so blood leakage there. Been two months of hearing oh they took another vial or oh my needles were leaking etc. Also receiving three MIRCERA in a month 50 mcg. So please give me an answer, when should we get emergency help?

The desirable single pool dialysis clearance (spKt/V) per dialysis session is 1.2 or greater. Hence, his dialysis clearance is inadequate and he either needs more time on dialysis or needs to have his dialysis prescription adjusted. I suggest that you … Continue reading

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Hello Dr. I am a 59 year old male with a history of kidney stones. I have passed six over the last two decades. I currently have three smaller stones (2mm, 1.6, 2.1) in my right kidney and two stones (2.6 and a whopper at almost 10mm). None of the stones are currently in a position to move into my ureters. My urologist is telling me to have two procedures to remove the stones by going up my penis and blasting them with a laser so they pass. He tells me that as they continue to grow they may affect my kidney function. I’m a retiring military officer and plan to travel extensively starting next year. I surely don’t want to be in some foreign country when one of these stones go south so am inclined to get the procedure. I’m just afraid of damage during the procedure. Should I be worried? Any thoughts appreciated.

I am a nephrologist and do not have surgical expertise. The problem that you describe is a urological problem. A urologist is a surgeon who deals with surgical management of problems related to the urinary tract. I can only suggest … Continue reading

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Does my CKD Stage III effect the filtration of blood to produce high LDL CHOLESTEROL? I have primary Sjogrens Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, menopause, Tinnitis, fatty liver, osteoarthritis, TMJ, some sort of neuralgia, neuropathy, hiatal hernia and a slew of delightful ailments that I won’t bore you with. 58 y/o female/ wt: 147/ ht:5′ / active / healthy diet 85% / never smoked / healthy heart. Please advise at your most earliest convenience. I’m anxious to discuss this with you if you have questions or concerns. Respectively Submitted.

Patients who have protein in their urine may produce more bad cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol) as a result of losing important proteins in their urine. This can be known as “nephrotic syndrome” and generally occurs with the amount of protein loss … Continue reading

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I had NS 3 years old and relapse again at age of 20 years (during the relapse a biopsy was performed and MCD is confirmed). I was treated with prednisolone. Now I am 26 years. In six months 3 relapses continuously occur. l take MMF and Wysolone 10 mg alternate day two week. My urine albumin is faint trace. 1. Is remission is occur? 2. What are the after effects?

The clinical course that you describe is of relapsing nephrotic syndrome (NS). Your biopsy indicates that this is caused by Minimal Change Disease (MCD). If your urine protein (albumin) is undetectable, then it would appear that you are in a … Continue reading

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My 37 year old cousin has nephrotic syndrome. He has been on medicines since an year. He was improving until last month. However, since last week he is spilling protein again. This is his third relapse in 6 months. He is on predinisolone. The doctor has asked to get a kidney biopsy done. Is there any other way that he can be treated? Also, until when should he be given steroids? I would appreciate your guidance on this.

I would agree that a kidney biopsy is indicated once he has suffered his third relapse. The kidney biopsy will yield a specific diagnosis and this will lead to more specific prognosis and specific treatment. There are many causes of … Continue reading

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Hi, I noticed bubbles in my urine in early April. I saw a doctor in mid April and have since found out that I have eGFR of 38. I had a 24 hour urine test done and my total protein was 7630. I have none of the typical pre-existing conditions – e.g. no diabetes, normal blood pressure. Other tests showed a very high level of inflammation and somewhat anemic. Neither my GP nor my nephrologist seems particularly concerned about my high protein. I have a kidney biopsy scheduled for next Thursday, and it will take another week before we get any results. I’m guessing nothing will happen for another month. I am very anxious that so much time is transpiring with such high protein in my urine and no treatment. It has been two months already. Does another month matter? Thank you.

The amount of protein in your urine is quite high. This amount is known as nephrotic range proteinuria. Any amount of protein that is greater than 3500 milligrams of protein per day is nephrotic range proteinuria. In this case, the … Continue reading

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My son is 13. He is on blood pressure medications for a week now. His blood pressure is over 130. What should his blood pressure be while his nephrotic syndrome is active?

This question must be answered by your son’s pediatric nephrologist.  I am an adult nephrologist and do not regularly treat children with nephrotic syndrome.  You son’s pediatric nephrologist should be able to provide proper parameters for control of your son’s … Continue reading

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My son, 31 years old, has been diagnosed with membranous nephropathy in June. He had PE which he still has some clots. The doctors have him on an auto immune suppression drug and a steroid, which lowers his immune system and has had bouts with cellulitis in the last 5 weeks. Right now he is in the hospital with cellulitis. They have taken him off his diuretic and one of the antibiotics because of the damage it is doing to the kidneys. I’m at a loss. Do you have any insight about this and what can be done for him?

Membranous nephropathy (membranous glomerulonephritis) is a kidney disease that causes significant losses of protein into the urine (proteinuria) that leads to nephrotic syndrome. The nephrotic syndrome leads to fluid retention in the body with prominent swelling that results in swollen … Continue reading

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Hello Doctor, The problem I am mentioning here is for my father. He is 62 years old and has both high blood pressure and diabetics. For the past couple of years, he is noticing foamy and bubbly urine and reached out to many hospitals in Hyderabad, India and went through many tests. All the tests showed he had protein loss, however all the doctors asked him to ignore it. For last 1 year, we are seeing increase of protein in his urine and he went to 24 hours urine examination test and results are shockingly high. Can you please help me with how to move forward with this? Test results : Urinary Protein show as 3780 Creatinine shows as 1148 Urine volume 2800 Protien / Creatinine ratio 3.29 Thank you!

The problem you are describing is one of protein in the urine (proteinuria) that is known as nephrotic syndrome. In most cases, the only way to make a specific diagnosis is to perform a kidney biopsy. There are many causes … Continue reading

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