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My daughter (54) just started dialysis. She is diabetic Type 1 since the age of 7. I am 74 and very healthy, only take Alendronate and Levothyroxine, exercise every day and am not overweight. I live in Florida and she lives in Ontario Canada. Should I get tested for compatibility to donate to her?

If your daughter is currently on the transplant list, then you can ask to be tested as a donor. It is necessary that she be evaluated first and deemed to be an acceptable recipient. Once she is on the list, … Continue reading

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Can I donate a kidney to my mom if I have breast implants. As she is B positive and I am also B positive.

I am not aware of any concern about breast implants for a potential kidney donor. Each transplant center is independent in making a determination of who will and who will not be permitted to be a kidney donor, but I … Continue reading

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My friend has Berger’s and I was curious about what would happen if someone with IgA deficient blood gave him a transfusion? Or transplant? Would it decrease the build up in his own kidneys ‘naturally’? I really am curious if this is an avenue researched have looked into… We both grew up in the same environmental area and attended the same school. I’ve always felt like I should donate my kidney, but my doctor has said not because of the IgA issue I have. I have IgA deficient, O positive blood.

The problem in IgA nephropathy (which is also known as Berger’s Disease) has to do with the abnormal way of making IgA so that the molecule is damaged. Someone with IgA nephropathy has a tendency to make abnormal IgA molecules … Continue reading

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A relative had a living donor kidney transplant a little over a decade ago. The kidney is failing now, requiring dialysis and another transplant. The first time around, I did not get tested to be considered as a donor. I am type O and considering being tested this time around. I am internally struggling about the decision to be tested, however, because my spouse is a T1 diabetic and only time will tell if our young children develop T1DM as well. I am worried about the remote chance that someday one of them could require a kidney and what would happen if I’ve already donated one of mine. I know that waitlist priority is given to people who have already donated a kidney in the past, but are there any rules that would essentially transfer priority status to my spouse or kids if they ever needed a kidney and I already donated mine to my relative?

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) have policy that allow individuals who have donated a kidney in the past and develop End Stage Kidney Disease and require a kidney transplant to … Continue reading

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Hello, I donated a kidney to my father in April of this year. My labs have always been great and never had any abnormalities with kidney function. I just had my 6 month follow up labs and my eGFR is slightly low (just out of range) my BUN was elevated as well. I have, however, been on the Ketogenic diet (which is high protien, high fat, low carbs). I was on it before the donation and lost 30+ pounds. But now with one kidney, I don’t know if this is what is causing my kidney function to change. I’m worried and not sure if to just go back to a more “normal” way of eating.

A high protein diet for a patient with one kidney should be avoided, in my estimation. High protein diets could be changing your blood chemistry and resulting in changes in your kidney function testing. I suggest that you discuss this … Continue reading

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I am considering becoming a living donor for my brother. I recently suffered a stroke due to a blood condition – polycythemia vera. Will this prevent me from being a donor?

In most transplant centers, it is necessary for kidney donors to be “perfectly healthy”. Each center determines what that means and who will be able to donate a kidney. It is likely the Polycythemia Vera will increase your risk for … Continue reading

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I’ve been undergoing testing to donate a kidney to a friend who has a very difficult match. I’ve lowered my BMI and my cholesterol and undergone much repeat testing. The (hopefully) last hurrah is to identify the cause of the chronic trace of blood in my urine. I’m having my bladder scoped in 2 wks. If that is negative for any cysts or polyps, the next step they want to do is a kidney biopsy. This has been an 18 month journey. My nephrologist says that I will be rejected if this reveals TBM. Everything I’ve read about TBM says it’s basically asymptomatic and doesn’t interfere with good kidney function. I’ve never had a UTI in my 66 years. To admit the frustration my recipient and I are experiencing, you’ve probably heard it all! Any insights or words of wisdom? 2nd opinion? Thank you.

Thin basement membrane (TBM) disease is an uncommon disease that causes blood in the urine and is commonly associated with normal kidney function. There are no nationwide guidelines that tell you what to do for TBM patients and allowing them … Continue reading

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I donated a kidney to my friend in 2010 (living unrelated) and she’s still doing great. What are the general statistics for how many years a donated kidney might last from a non related donor vs. related donor? Thank you.

The United States Renal Data System (USRDS) does not break out living unrelated versus living related kidney donors in graft survival. According to the most recent data we have, all living donor kidney transplantation is associated with a 10 year … Continue reading

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What would cause a person who is in need of a liver and kidney transplant to not qualify for a living donor organ if they are a match to a sibling? I am a student nurse and am just curious about this. I am trying to understand CKD and transplants in more detail.

It would be unheard of for a sibling to donate both a kidney and part of a liver. This would be a very challenging surgery and likely associated with a significant increase in risk to the donor. Liver/kidney transplants have … Continue reading

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My husband is 46 and has Polycystic Kidney Disease. He is now in the 5th stage of CKD and he should be prepared to replace kidney function. I am 45 and I have no other health problems except Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with >1000 antibodies (anti-tro). He has blood type O+ and I have A+. Am I a good candidate for being a kidney donor for him?

Your blood types are incompatible. Your husband’s Blood Type O means that he has antibodies against Blood Type A in his blood. Hence, in order to donate a kidney to him, very special and high risk treatments would have to … Continue reading

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