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Hello, My daughter had a kidney infection about a month and a half ago. She is 4 years old. She had 103-104 fever for 4 days while taking antibiotics. At day 5 her pediatrician decided to change antibiotics and that’s when she started getting better right away. I am afraid that this severe infection could had caused some sort of damage. Her pediatrician saw her after the 10th day once the antibiotics treatment was finished. I was very concerned because he did not send her to the hospital to be treated. I asked her doctor if we should do any more testing to make sure all is OK but he said he did not think there was any reason to do it. I have been monitoring her to make sure she does not get more infections but today I noticed her urine is cloudy. Not sure what I should do now?

I suspect that another visit to the pediatrician would be helpful. Your daughter should be monitored for any fever and a repeat urine analysis and culture may be necessary. I suggest that you consult with your pediatrician about your concerns.

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I have a cyst in my right kidney, 22 mm. I am also pregnant. What should I do?

Small simple cysts of the kidney are common and benign. No treatment is required and this should not have an impact on your pregnancy. You should review this with your obstetrician.

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I am a kidney donor. It’s been 3 years now. And when I last checked my creatinine level, it was 1.32. Is this normal for a kidney donor? How can I decrease the creatinine level? And if I want to have a baby now, what are the things I’ve to consider? In what ways can I have a healthy pregnancy?

It is very possible to have a normal pregnancy and normal child with one kidney. It is very common for young females with a single kidney to conceive, tolerate a pregnancy and have a normal child. I am unable to … Continue reading

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My 3 year old boy has pus cell 5-6 in urine and suffering from fever. Is the fever because of that infection?

Kidney and/or bladder infection can cause fever. I recommend that your son be seen by his pediatrician.

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Hi. Good morning. My 6 yr. old son has nephrotic syndrome. We are not able to continue his monthly check up due to Covid 19 virus for 3 months. He’s taking 5ml prednisone and calcium once a day. Recently he’s struggling in peeing. His penis is like clogged or something. His urine comes out little by little only. But he said that it’s not painful. What should we do?? I’m hoping for an answer. Thank you.

This is not normal and your son needs to be examined. The inability to pass urine requires further evaluation. I suggest your son be examined by his pediatrician. For more information about childhood nephrotic syndrome, please visit:

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Does the pregnancy cause the cysts of ADPKD to burst? Thanks

  I have not experienced this in my practice.  In patients with very large kidney cysts, I can see cyst hemorrhage as plausible during a pregnancy but I do not think this is a common event.  

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My 14 yo grandson is a 2-time cancer survivor. Wilms stage 4 at age 3; came back in peritoneum at age 5. He has one deformed partially functioning kidney. A year ago they found he had reflux to kidney, deformed bladder with scarring. Bladder was repaired. So he was just tested and there is no longer any reflux, his bladder while large has returned to normal shape and scarring in bladder is much diminished. He has no sensation to urinate, so he voids his bladder every three hours to keep it empty. His creatinine is at 1 and his cystatin is at 1.25. He swims and plays basketball, going through puberty, and growing tall (very thin though). Question: his urologist is insisting that he self-catheterize for at least six months to see if cystatin number will drop—and if not then he should self cath for life. My grandson is devastated and none of us understand how self cath will help his kidney when his bladder empties fully when he voids. Should we get second opinions from nephrologist. He has been through so much and so many surgeries, 2 last year to repair ureter and bladder. Help!?

I am a nephrologist and I would have no expertise in bladder management.  Management of bladder issues is within the field of expertise for a urologist and not a nephrologist. You mention that the bladder is large and if this … Continue reading

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Can a right hydronephrosis with grade 4 be treated without surgery for 1 year old ? If yes , I would like to know how ? Is there any natural remedies ?

I am a nephrologist.  I have no surgical experience or expertise.  The question that you ask is a urological question and must be addressed to a urologist.  A urologist is a surgeon who deals with surgical treatment of the kidney … Continue reading

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My 2 yr old son had 2 renal function tests with a 6 week interval in between tests. First test UREA was 5.2 (0.3-5.7) and his Creatinine 37 ( 13-34 ). The second test UREA 5.7 and creatinine 42. His pediatrician stated that she does not associate the results with kidney problem(s). The reason for the testing were due to numerous mild issues relating to sleep behavior, mild apnea, twitching sleep myoclonus and acid reflux. It is due to myself having horseshoe kidney. My father and another with pelvic kidneys. What do these test results tell you as a professional about my son’s kidney function? What other causes and the range readings be if its not kidney associated? Thank you.

I am an adult nephrologist and I have no experience with children and laboratory values. These mildly abnormal values should best be interpreted by a pediatrician who is used to looking at such values. I suggest that you express your … Continue reading

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Hi, I would like to ask, what is the right treatment of HSP? My five year old son got HSP and is being treated for last 3 months. He is taking lisinopril every day and prednisolone. He used to take twice a day 6ml of prednisolone and now for a month, he is taking every other day 8ml once. All what they do are blood test, when we go for follow up and urine test. Urine test is sometimes done just at their office and sometimes they want me to come back the next day with morning urine and take it to the lab. Last visit (Friday) showed blood results: sodium 135, potassium 3.8, CO2 23, blood urea 7, Albumin 3.7. And urine results (dipstick) : GLU Negative, BIL small, KET 15mg/dL, SG >=1.030, BLO large, pH 5.5, PRO 100mg/dL, URO 0.2, NIT negative, LEU negative. He used to have 300mg of protein in his urine. Friend of mine mentioned, that in my hometown, they do the clearance test, where I would have to be collecting the urine for 24 hours and they would see, if his kidneys are working properly or are damaged. Is he supposed to have done this test or from the blood test and urine test, which they do every visit (once a month now, before it was every two weeks), they can tell, if the kidneys are working properly? Thank you.

Henoch Schoenlein Purpura (HSP), sometimes called IgA Vasculitis, is a relatively common kidney disease in children. It generally resolves in several months. It generally does not require treatment. The blood and protein in the urine is very slow to resolve. … Continue reading

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