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My son, 31 years old, has been diagnosed with membranous nephropathy in June. He had PE which he still has some clots. The doctors have him on an auto immune suppression drug and a steroid, which lowers his immune system and has had bouts with cellulitis in the last 5 weeks. Right now he is in the hospital with cellulitis. They have taken him off his diuretic and one of the antibiotics because of the damage it is doing to the kidneys. I’m at a loss. Do you have any insight about this and what can be done for him?

Membranous nephropathy (membranous glomerulonephritis) is a kidney disease that causes significant losses of protein into the urine (proteinuria) that leads to nephrotic syndrome. The nephrotic syndrome leads to fluid retention in the body with prominent swelling that results in swollen … Continue reading

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Hello Doctor, The problem I am mentioning here is for my father. He is 62 years old and has both high blood pressure and diabetics. For the past couple of years, he is noticing foamy and bubbly urine and reached out to many hospitals in Hyderabad, India and went through many tests. All the tests showed he had protein loss, however all the doctors asked him to ignore it. For last 1 year, we are seeing increase of protein in his urine and he went to 24 hours urine examination test and results are shockingly high. Can you please help me with how to move forward with this? Test results : Urinary Protein show as 3780 Creatinine shows as 1148 Urine volume 2800 Protien / Creatinine ratio 3.29 Thank you!

The problem you are describing is one of protein in the urine (proteinuria) that is known as nephrotic syndrome. In most cases, the only way to make a specific diagnosis is to perform a kidney biopsy. There are many causes … Continue reading

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I have been suffering IgA nephropathy about 30years. I am now 49 years woman. My disease is not severe, just protein and hematuria in my urine. I have ACE medicine, for keeping my blood pressure solid because I have no high pressure. I have read studies where it’s said, that they have found diet without gluten (maybe dairy and red meat too) has been useful and protein has decreased and the glomerulus has gotten better. Is it worth it to leave gluten and maybe dairy and red meat out on diet to help my kidneys?

There are many theories about the cause of IgA nephropathy that include dietary causes such as gluten and other foods in the diet (as you mention). These remain theories because no study has yet shown that adjusting the diet in … Continue reading

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I have urine analysis report of Protein: 2+. RBC: 2-4cells/hpf. Squamous epithelium cells:2-4. Cast: Present. Blood: 1+. Specific Gravity: 1.025. F G C: 1-2/ipf . Urine PH: 5.5. Glucose : Negative. Ketone: Negative

The urine analysis that you present has more protein than normal in the urine (proteinuria). I suggest that you consult with your physician about further testing in regards to kidney disease.

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Hi. I have a proteinuria. Can you tell me about the diet which I can take in order to treat my disease. Regards.

Protein in the urine (proteinuria) does not tell me the cause of your kidney disease. Different forms of kidney disease may be treated very differently. If your kidney disease is relatively mild and your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is … Continue reading

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Hi – I have a non-specific chronic glomerular nephritis. My creatinine and BUN are within the normal range, but I have high proteinuria. My last 24 hr count totaled around 800 mg for proteinuria. I take enalapril and losartan. I am a 30 yr old with good health otherwise. I’m a runner and have signed up for my first marathon. I’m running 30-40 miles a week for training, which is higher than ever for me. Is this a bad idea with kidney disease? Should I just limit myself to lower mileage weeks/races? I don’t want to do further damage to my already slowly diminishing kidney function.

Physical activity, including marathon running, should not pose any threat to your kidneys as long as you maintain adequate hydration. As you train, you should weigh yourself before and after running. Adequate hydration would mean that you lose a small … Continue reading

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Hi, My gfr has been low since 2012, with 50,70,60, and now 51. My doctor had me do the 24 hour collection. The gfr 51 L creatinine 1.1 and cr clr 69L. I do not know what cr clr is. His letter to me said, nothing significant. I’ve been reading and got a little concerned. Sometime’s my urine is foamy. What would be your recommendation? Thank you.

The creatinine clearance (Cr Clr) is another estimation of the glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).  It is just another way of trying to estimate kidney function.  A normal eGFR is greater than 60 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared.  Hence, … Continue reading

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Good Morning, I have a question that I have been trying hard to find the answer to but haven’t found anyone to help. My husband has many medical issues but after a urine test in July of 2015 revealing a albumin/creatinine ratio of 241 (tagged as critical), another test about a month ago revealed the ratio was up to 810.8! The primary doctor’s decision on this was to wait another four weeks and take another urine sample… My question is… how bad is bad? Is this a situation where the doctor is waiting too long to do anything about it? He’s had foamy urine for over a year now and, although I’ve brought it up every time we see the doctor, it’s been ignored. Without going into the details, I think, to help you understand our situation, my husband is being treated by the VA. Any information you can give us on this will be much appreciated. Thanks.

With increasing protein in the urine, further testing may be needed.  If the protein continues to increase, a kidney biopsy may be necessary.  I suggest that you ask if your husband needs to see a nephrologist and if a kidney … Continue reading

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I am a healthy 48 yr. old female with no history of DM or HTN. I did, however, have preeclampsia at the very end of my last pregnancy eight years ago. I recently had a urinalysis done and had some abnormals. I’m wondering if the following could be caused by urine contamination? My doctor is not concerned, and is attributing this to urine contamination. Appearance: hazy, specific gravity >1.030; protein 30; blood, trace; leuk esterace, small; WBC, 0-2; RBC, 0-5; bacteria, few; mucous threads present, squamous epethelial cells, 11-30. I am most concerned about the proteinuria and was wondering it this could be due to contamination as well. Thanks in advance for your response.

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the urinalysis that you provide.  I would suggest retesting the urine.  The urine is very concentrated.  I suggest that you request repeat testing by consulting your physician. For more information on tests … Continue reading

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My husband was told by his Dr. he has FSGS. He had a kidney biopsy. Now the Dr. told him his kidneys are working perfectly. But, something is causing protein to be eliminated in his urine. He is on prednisone. He has high blood pressure, and his leg is still swollen and a pinkish color. Can you help me to understand?

The kidney is not working normally if your husband has excess protein in the urine (proteinuria).  Focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a disease that damages the filters of the kidney (glomeruli) and leads to excess protein loss from the … Continue reading

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