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My 12 year old had 2 UAs with protein detected (100 mg and 30 mg). Her ACR was ran and the below results were found: Microalbumin, urine – 224.9 mg/L Creatinine, urine, random- 251 mg/L Microalbuminuria/Creatinine ratio- 90 mg/g. Are these results indicative of CKD or some type of kidney issue?

Protein in the urine, if present for more than three months, can be an indicator of a potential kidney problem. The normal for a microalbumin to creatinine ratio should be less than 30 milligrams per gram of creatinine (mg/g). Hence, … Continue reading

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What is the difference between bubbles in urine and foam in urine? Please explain in some detail! Thanks a bunch.

I would consider bubbles and foam as the same thing. Foam might be considered smaller bubbles and more organized bubbles. Bubbles and foam may be seen in normal urine and is often seen in the toilet bowel before flush. When … Continue reading

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Dear doctor, my son is 10 years old. He has protein in urine between 0,15 – 0,45g for 24 hours. In the morning, before he gets up from the bed and we collect urine, there in no protein. But after movement he has protein. He has this problem from one year and the doctors can not understand what is the reason. Now they want to make biopsy and I am afraid. They say all checks are normal, only he has a little high cholesterol and GFR a little high – 187ml/min 1.73. What do you think? Please, be so kind to help us. Thank you in advance! Best regards.

There is a finding in children known as “exercise induced proteinuria” or “orthostatic proteinuria”. This is characterized by excess protein in the urine when the child is active and the protein is not present when the child is supine and … Continue reading

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Hi. Could I ask someone to please ask a health professional with your association why my recent blood creatinine is 0.65 but my 24hr urine creatinine is 498mg/24hr and urine creatinine clearance is 54ml/min? Do I have kidney disease or damage? I had proteinuria a month ago when I lost twenty pounds quickly with diet & metformin but when I did 24hr protein recently it was normal. I am 28, 210 pounds, have fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes. I also used to take lithium for 10 years. I’m concerned my kidneys may be actually damaged at a stage 3 level but my blood creatinine doesn’t show it and maybe there is something I could do now to help? Thank you so much.

I am not able to interpret a 24 hour urine test without performing a complete history and physical examination. Twenty four hour urine collections can be very difficult to interpret and are subject to many errors.  I suggest that you … Continue reading

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I have CKD caused by undiagnosed high blood pressure. My gfr 40 just gone down to 32. Urine test shows protein. What can I do?

You should have careful follow up of your high blood pressure. You have protein in your urine (proteinuria) and this should be treated with an ACE-inhibitor or ARB agent.  Your blood pressure should be less than 130/80. You should follow … Continue reading

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Hello Doctor, I am age 39 years. I am living in Denmark from May 2015 but I am originally from India. My urine report says that I have protein in my urine. I have undergone 4 tests from May 2018 onwards till now. My father was having kidney disease and high blood pressure and he died to kidney failure at age of 78. My elder brother is of 49 years and both of his kidneys have failed and he is on dialysis from December 2016 onwards. This is the reason I am worried. I read on internet and found that protein in urine because kidney is unable to filter it out from blood. If protein in urine comes for 4 consecutive times at interval of each month, it means there is some problem with kidney. I also suffer from high blood pressure and I take following medicine every day once: 1. Tolura 80 mg (Telmisartan) 2. Simvastatin 40 mg. I was taking above medicine as advised by Indian doctor from 2013 onwards and doctor in Denmark continue the same medicine. Doctor in Denmark increased the dosage of Tolura from 40 to 80 from June 2018 onwards and told me that it will help kidney to work fine. I had a blood and Urine test today i.e. 15.08.2018. The report says that protein level have been increase from last time so increasing dosage from 40 to 80 mg is not helping. I believe there is something wrong with my kidney. I talked to my doctor here and they said that if protein level is 750 or above or it increase by 5 every year than I should see the kidney specialist. I think they are waiting to happen something and then they will start the treatment. I feel prevention is better rather than waiting to fail. My own or regular doctor is a general physician. Can you please suggest what should I do? How to find the actual cause of protein in urine? Which test can find it out? I have attached the blood and Urine report here. The reports are as per Danish laboratory standard but it is understandable.

I am unable to accept any records or attached reports. The treatment of low levels of protein in the urine is to control blood pressure and use agents that are either ACE-inhibitors or ARB agents. The Telmisartan that you are … Continue reading

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I a 48 year old caucasian male, diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD in 2017, biopsy confirmed IgAN in January of this year, was started on Prednisone and SoluMedrol for 6 months. With two more weeks of Prednisone treatment. For the first time in 18 months I have no Hemoglobin or RBC in my urine. However, my creatinine level has remained around 1.6 and my GFR is 47, it was 46 at the beginning of treatment in January. Is the resolving of hematuria (given no appreciable improvement in GFR) reason to celebrate? Or with no improvement in GFR has Prednisone not worked for me? I have not had an issue spilling protein, until I convinced my nephrologist to allow me to suspend Lisinopril for 2 months. Once I restarted the 10mg of Lisinopril my protein spillage resolved. I have read that hematuria and proteinuria are bad prognostic predictors for progression of IgAN towards ESRD. I remain hopeful with these resolved, however am confused why my eGFR or creatinine are not also showing improvement.

In the case of glomerulonephritis and in the specific case of Immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgA nephropathy), once glomeruli have been destroyed by disease, it may not be possible to repair old ones and it is NOT possible to build new … Continue reading

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I have proteinuria (1mg) during urine dip test. High blood pressure for which I am taking Losartan. I also have high uric acid and sometimes experience Gout attacks. I am also over weight. How can I treat proteinuria?

The Losartan that you are taking is an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) and helps to decrease protein in the urine (proteinuria). Your blood pressure should be well controlled with a reading less than 130/80. If you are doing all of … Continue reading

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Hello, I have been recently diagnosed with F.S.G.S. My Doctor is always very positive about everything avoiding straightforward answers (which is common in my side of the world). Protein in the urine has become 1700 mg / l (24 hour test) Creatinine has become 1.4. Both figures are more than few months ago. How can I understand better my FSGS stage? Are these figures indicative and relevant? Is there any particular way to know the progress (I mean deterioration) of my health situation (disease)?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a scarring disease of the kidney. There are many causes but treatments have not been very effective. The diagnosis is based on findings on a kidney biopsy and there are at least six different classifications … Continue reading

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My proteinuria is 0.12 g/day. Is this normal or abnormal. I want to know about precautions.

The normal amount of protein in the urine (proteinuria) is less than 0.2 grams per day. For detection of chronic kidney disease (CKD), we recommend annual testing for kidney disease by have a blood test for creatinine and calculating an … Continue reading

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