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My father had a kidney transplant 2 years ago. He is suffering from urine infection and BKV virus from long time. Yesterday creatinine report was 3.5 and hemoglobin was 6.5. He is also a path of diabetes and BP. Please help what to do? Why creatinine is increasing ?

Patients who suffer from BK virus infection in the urine often develop chronic transplant glomerulopathy and this can lead to transplant failure.  Treating chronic BK virus infection is very difficult. I can only recommend that your father continue to follow … Continue reading

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My father has a kidney problem. His creatinine level has now come down to 2. He is a diabetic as well as blood pressure patient. Recently, he had prostate operation done and UTI infection is also there. He is now taking bp and diabetes tab.

I can only suggest that you continue to work with and consult with the physicians who are caring for your father.  Your father has many reasons to have chronic kidney disease (CKD) including diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate disease. … Continue reading

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My husband has an annual check up every November. He is a 54 y/o, white male. This year his GFR was 53. There was some protein in his urine and his triglycerides were elevated >300. We were shocked! His M.D wanted to put him on B/P med. However, his B/P is running 124/72. I feel he needs further testing. What should we do?

Blood pressure medications are often used to treat patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who have protein in the urine (proteinuria).  This is often done when the blood pressure is normal.  I suggest that you and your husband discuss this … Continue reading

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I am a male 47 y/o. These are my latest reads at the pharmacy … 24-July-2016: 137 – 91 – 75 12-Aug-2016: 137 – 90 – 93 (44C in Vegas) 19-Aug-2016: 153 – 91 – 74 19-Sep-2016: 152 -103 – 86 Hospital emergency room visit Aug 2015: HBP, diagnosis IBS. Treatment for shingles in 2012: HBP. Application for a life insurance in 2003: high cholesterol and HBP. I think there has been HBP since at least 2003. My mother had chronic HBP, her father too. And my own father is currently being treated for HBP at old age (91) but that’s relatively new from the past years. My big question, how do people first get diagnosed with kidney disease? What kind of pains do they feel when they have see a doctor? I have IBS so any pain and pressure in the abdominal area can be explained away by IBS. Though, since this summer I am starting the feel doll, occasional, pains in the kidney area’s. It all depends on how I sit, move, lay down and bend over. So, it’s not continuous, and it’s alternating on both sides. It’s occasional, but every day. I have seen a doctor last week. A quick 5 min visit at a walk-in clinic (I am on a waiting list for a family doctor for almost 2 years now in Montreal, and I am sure it can take another 5). This doctor told me not to worry, my readings didn’t exceed his cut off of 160. “For kidney damage, the pains ought to be continuous and on both sides.” Can you tell me if I have to leave it at that and stop to worry, or should I try to find another doctor?

Kidney disease rarely is associated with pain.  The only way to diagnose chronic kidney disease (CKD) is to have blood and urine testing for kidney disease.  I can only recommend that you see a primary care physician for a complete … Continue reading

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Hello, I am 30 Years old. Last year I developed kidney problems. Now my creatinine is 1.97 & EGFR is 30. Hemoglobin is 10.11. I have low BP & no diabetes. Now I take calcium and iron tablets. Please suggest to me how can I reduce this creatinine level?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  The goal of treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is not to lower the serum creatinine but rather to avoid further loss of kidney function … Continue reading

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Can drinking 5 cans a day of diet/caffeinated soda damage the kidneys?

Drinking excess soda pop will not injure kidneys but may cause weight gain and could lead to diabetes and obesity which could result in kidney damage.  I suggest that you stop drinking the soda pop and follow your physician’s advice.

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I had a Kidney transplant on 27th March 2014 and creatinine level settled at 0.9 . In May 2014, through level test report for tacrolimus showed 4.5 dropped from 8.75. Doctor increased tacrolimus dosage from 1.5 mg to 2 mg twice a day. Creatinine in two months raised to 1.5. Doctor first thought of a biopsy but initially the Doctor reduced the dosage from 4 mg per day to 2 mg per day gradually in 15 days. This was also done as three months elapsed since transplant. Creatinine level dropped to 1.3 and remain settled at that level. Doctor changed tacrolimus to 1 mg per day. But the level remained the same. In March 2016, creatinine level dropped to 1.2. Blood pressure level reduced and thereby reduced the dosage of amlodipine. My doctor said he has never experienced such happenings before and one reading may not be adequate to know whether kidney function improved. My question is whether you have observed such thing happened with your patients? Is it possible that kidney function at times improves and tends to reach to base level of creatinine. Or this should be termed as miracle and one should enjoy and thank the Lord.

The doses of medications used in kidney transplant can be very subjective and are very difficult to predict.  Your physician sounds like he or she is making good judgements.  I suggest that you continue to follow carefully with your physician … Continue reading

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My fiancé is only 22 years old and went to the doctor a few weeks ago where he found out his blood pressure was 216/135. The doctor took blood work because she figured his kidneys were shutting down, and they were. She sent us to the local hospital where he was hospitalized for two weeks. His creatinine soared to a 6.4, causing his 14% kidney function to drop down to an 11% function. The first few nights in the hospital, he experienced major back and leg pain. It was so bad, it brought him to tears. Later during the first week, he was so swollen that he hardly looked like himself. He went from 175 lbs to 190 lbs when he was in the hospital. The biopsy came back that he had chronic kidney disease. They said his kidneys were badly scarred, but they were still their normal size. After closely examining his case, they diagnosed him with acute interstitial nephritis. My first question is, why did he just start swelling and having pain when he was in the hospital? My other questions come from this part of the story.  They put him on a diet in the hospital labeled “renal regular.” He progressively got worse. Once he got down to 11% function, he told them to go on and put him on dialysis. He has been on dialysis for two weeks so far, and his creatinine is down to a 2.6 and his function is up to 22%. They are letting him off of dialysis today. I have always heard that kidney disease patients should limit protein intake, but the nurses at the dialysis clinic said he is swelling because his albumin is so low, and he needs plenty of protein for the next couple months to get it back up to normal levels. How does this make sense? Especially that he’s now off of dialysis, should he be taking in protein? I understand that he is losing too much protein through his urine, but then why would other patients be told to limit intake?

I no longer recommend protein restriction in patients who are on dialysis or who have chronic kidney disease with excess protein in the urine.  This was a common recommendation 15 years ago, but studies done in patient on dialysis and … Continue reading

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A friend of mine has stage 4 kidney disease and is pregnant. What are the possible outcomes from this pregnancy?

This situation is very difficult to provide a prognosis.  It is uncommon that a woman with Stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) would become pregnant in the first place and the pregnancy would have to be managed by both a … Continue reading

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My spouse was diagnosed with both kidney failure. Is there a high chance our future genes will have it too?

That depends on the type of kidney disease.  If your spouse has chronic kidney disease (CKD) it is possible that your children might be at increased risk of CKD, but this depends on the type of CKD.  I suggest that … Continue reading

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