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Hi~ I am a male, 43, do not drink (never had a problem with any substances). I recently had an attack in my side that lasted for over an hour. I went to a doctor and was misdiagnosed with diverticulitis (no tests were performed to validate even after I inquired) and was prescribed Augmentin. Dosage was one pill every 12 hours. By the third pill I had formed such a severe headache, that I stopped the medication and contacted my doctor. My blood pressure went through the roof (189/115), and after three weeks is still high. My BP before that (130/80) was in the moderate range. I went to the emergency room and the tests the first doctor should have performed, were finally completed. (Blood, Urine, EKG, CT w/contrast). Everything was normal except the CT showed something on my kidney but nothing more. I had an ultrasound yesterday of both kidneys and learned today that I have fibrosis in both kidneys. Would Augmentin cause this fibrosis to happen? Is the scarring reversible? I do not have any other medical conditions that I am aware of at this time. Thank you for your time.

Fibrosis (scarring) of the kidney is not a process that can be accomplished in a couple of days. This process likely takes weeks or months to develop. I am not sure that you can make a diagnosis of “fibrosis” purely … Continue reading

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Hi Doctor. I am a 56 year old male who works out with weights 3-4 days a week and do not smoke or drink. I have been on a high protein, low carb diet for years. I also took Sudafed for headaches and sinus pressure almost daily for many months which probably did not help my blood pressure. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and CKD. My last labs in June 2017 showed a 60 GFR. This past December 2018 it was 45. I immediately modified my high protein diet and began taking blood pressure medication as prescribed. (Losartan 25Mg) A week later my blood pressure was normal and GFR increased a point to 46. I am trying to get in to see a nephrologist but he is booked up for a couple weeks. Is it possible through diet and blood pressure control to raise GFR to get me up into a stage 2 or better yet a stage 1 condition? Please let me know? Also is taking the supplement creatinine harmful to kidneys? I had been taking it to build muscle mass but discontinued immediately upon my diagnosis. I still have to take the 24 hour urine test and also to schedule a kidney ultrasound as recommended by my GP. This is scary stuff! I appreciate you answering my questions and hope this diagnosis can be reversed! Thank You! Sincerely.

High blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney disease in the world today, followed by diabetes. Untreated high blood pressure results in damage to the kidney that usually cannot be reversed. Hence, the goal is to avoid further … Continue reading

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This is being written just having been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 Glomerular Filtration Rate. I have gas coming from my vagina for several months. At the time I first noticed it, I just discounted it. I have just gotten Internet this past month and started to look up ’gas in urine’ and was surprised to learn this is for real. I also have yeast infection. On that note, I had been well since before July 2018. Unusual amounts of rain flooded my basement this past year. Mold/fungi developed and air quality tests showed aspergillus and basidispores very prevalent in my house. I needed to move out but five months too late. Remediation has taken place where I lived before. Health issues developed skin, rash, watery eyes, and much more. This was the time when urinating bubbles/foam appeared in the toilet. This recent diagnosis CKD Stage 3 needs health care. I need advise as to who knows how to treat this and also the provider be aware of the fungi that I breathed for 5 months. Thank you for this opportunity to express myself on this matter.

Your primary care physician (PCP) should be the first person to review your history and provide a complete examination. You should also have a urinalysis performed to confirm if this is air coming out in the urine or are the … Continue reading

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My CMP w/ eGFR shows Bun/creatinine ratio of 30.0 (the reference range shown on results is 5.0-25.0.) I know I don’t drink enough water and I had been sick with bronchitis and congestion in my chest just a few days prior to the test. I only had lab work done because my sister had clear cell renal carcinoma and had a kidney removed last summer. Her surgeon told her it was a good idea for any siblings to have at least a sonogram of the kidneys. The trigger for finding her cancer was a routine health exam that showed microscopic blood in her urine. There is no other family history of cancer. I’m not really alarmed about this and all other results of my test are in normal range. I also had a CBC w/auto diff W/PLT same day and my MO% was high 19.3 (reference range 5.5 – 11.7) as well as the MO# 1.6 (ref .3 -.8). I would like to get your opinion on these lab results. When the doctors office called they said my lab was ok. Can you give me your initial impression? I do plan to have the sonogram soon.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. The Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) to creatinine ratio is a calculated value that is not helpful in the diagnosis of kidney disease. I do not … Continue reading

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Hi Dr. Spry, I was wondering if you could help me make sense of my blood test results in regard to kidney function. I am a 5’5, 116 pound, 26 year old female. Recent blood test results have come back showing mild iron deficient and b-12 anemia. Low hematocrit, hemoglobin, and red blood cell count, with high red blood cell distribution width. My t-3 and t-4 are normal, but I had an elevated TSH of 6 indicating subclinical hypothyroidism. What has me worried is that while my creatinine is normal at 0.74, my GFR came back as 96. While I know this is technically within normal ranges, one year ago it was 108, and two years before that, it was 160. My BUN/creatinine ratio is 23. I have shown trace protein and blood in urine for the past five or six years at various times with the absence of infection. I had an MRI of my kidneys about six years ago which came back normal. Do these results seem indicative of something bothersome? From what I’ve read, my GFR seems lower than average for my age range. Is it problematic that it has decreased so much in the past few years? My worries are chronic kidney disease and nephrotic syndrome. My blood protein was also a bit elevated, along with an elevated HDL. All other results were normal. My blood pressure is low/normal. I was potentially dehydrated at the time of my blood test as well. I should also note that I generally feel fatigued and not very well, dealing with various stomach problems, tachycardia (on a beta blocker for it), and joint issues. Any help is appreciated. I am regularly seeing a primary care doctor, but in the meantime I wanted some advice on what steps to take. Thank you!

The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is an estimation based on the serum creatinine test. The calculation that is used can be reviewed at: There may be significant variation in the serum creatinine from day to day laboratory variation. … Continue reading

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Is a creatinine level of 1.4 bad? and does it get worse over time if not treated?

This blood test of a serum creatinine could be abnormal but I cannot tell on the basis of a single blood test. You can use this blood test to calculate an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). You can go to … Continue reading

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I’ve been sick for 9 days with what was assumed to be the flu. They gave me Tamiflu and since I don’t have a spleen due to congenital oval spherocytosis, they also gave me a Z-pack and then added in Augmentin. I became very nauseated and had to go off of those meds before finishing them. After 72 hours he gave me Cipro. Today I went to urgent care because the nausea has been chronic for 9 days. I have pneumonia and my creatinine was at 1.7. I’ve been alternating Motrin and Tylenol all week too for the fever that lasted 7 days. The urgent care Doctor was very concerned about the creatinine level, but when my physician got the results, he wasn’t concerned. He said it could be that I was just dehydrated. I’ve been drinking fluids and my urine was very clear when tested. Should I be concerned? I’m 64 years old and have mild high blood pressure, which I take one medication for. I’m not on any other regular meds. Thank you

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. A single creatinine blood test that is abnormal is difficult to interpret. There are many reasons why your creatinine test could be abnormal including … Continue reading

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Hello: I would like to get your opinion on a 35 y.o. male whose recent CMP showed a MDRD GFR for non-African Americans of 59. Serum creatinine of 1.38. No proteins in urine. Chronic fatigue. Long-standing history of right upper quadrant and right flank distention feeling. CT abdomen negative. Small simple cysts seen on left kidney. Abdominal US negative. The lab results are new with no prior history. Hypertensive. Non-smoker. No family history of kidney disease. Repeat CMP is scheduled for eval. Question I have is even if repeat GFR is 61, for example, this is still well below the average of 100-110 for this age group. I know age-calibrated GFR is not a consensus guideline, but there are recommendations that a GFR below 75 for people under 40 should be diagnosed as CKD assuming present >3 months. Again, the concern here is the current GFR is well below average for a 35 y.o. Appreciate your thoughts. Kind Regards.

Unfortunately our Staging system suffers from being able to differentiate patients with near normal kidney function and abnormal kidney function. The serum creatinine can vary by 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) from day to day. At a very … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m 5’10, 165 lb, and I’m a 27 year old male. No high blood pressure and no diabetes. My creatinine is between 1.3-1.6 over several blood tests. I was referred to a specialist and after an ultrasound of my kidneys he said my creatinine levels are fine and that some people naturally fall out of the normal ranges and that I don’t have any kidney damage whatsoever. Is this accurate, or should I get a second opinion?

Yes. There are very muscular individuals with a larger muscle mass that may have elevated serum creatinine. This also occurs rarely in normal individuals. I would also recommend that you have urine testing for blood, protein and infection, just to … Continue reading

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How could I know that my kidney is healthy and functioning well?

You would require blood and urine testing in order to assure that your kidneys are functioning normally. You would need to have a serum creatinine and then use that number to calculate an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).  You should … Continue reading

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