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Sir, I am 35 years old having male sex. I am from India. I had done kidney function test and it show raised creatinine level i.e 1.8 and uric acid is 7.8. Kindly suggest me what can i do for it?

These tests are abnormal.  I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  You will need to consult with your physician about making a specific diagnosis as to the cause of your kidney … Continue reading

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My husband got a kidney transplant about two months ago and I wanted to know if it’s safe to have oral sex for both him and I, and how soon? I asked all the transplant doctors and no one gives me a definitive answer. Can you please help?

First, I would make sure that you have no cold sores or sores on any genitals. These sores can be herpes virus infections and your husband may be more susceptible to these infections after his transplant. Herpes virus infections can … Continue reading

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I have been this aliment since 17 years. When I masturbated I tried to stop ejaculation with holding testes for feeling more sexual pleasure. The burning pain in kidneys that comes to my upper abdomen; what should I do?

I would suggest that you discuss this with your primary care physician (PCP). Pain is a concerning symptom and I would suggest that you do not perform this maneuver until you speak with your physician.

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Hi. I had a kidney transplant just 3 weeks ago.  I have concerns of masturbation. Can I masturbate after a kidney transplant, and can it harm my new kidney?    

Masturbation, as long as foreign objects are not used with this masturbation, should not pose a problem.  Wounds created by foreign objects would pose a concern for infection.  I would not foresee any injury that masturbation would present for your … Continue reading

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Can prednisone, Gengraf, or other medications typically prescribed for CKD impact the quality of the sperm and resulting embryo? I tried to ask my husbands nephrology nurse, but she didn’t know. We’ve already had one failed round of IVF despite using 2 embryo’s which the embryologist had said looked good. I’m wondering if the medications impacted their ability to attach/form properly?

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may have decreased sperm counts and decreased fertility, but I am unaware this is related to medications.  This is often related to hormonal changes in CKD.  I have no experience with how these medications … Continue reading

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How common is complete energy depletion in patients on dialysis? My fiance had both Polycystic kidneys removed Jan 2017. He’s been on dialysis 5 years. About 2 years ago, he started suffering from devastating energy loss. He was very active prior to kidney failure, and even for first two years. We remodeled a house and he was up and working every day. In Jan 2014, he was diagnosed with Bilateral Vestibulopathy, from an allergic reaction to Gentimycin. Since then, his equilibrium is very poor. He stumbles frequently; to the point that many people think he is drunk. His nephrologist has him on prednisone right now, which just makes him sweaty. His energy level is still low. He stays in bed until about 11 -12. He gets up, takes shower, then has to take a nap. He has lunch, then sits in couch, with computer. We cook dinner around 8pm at night. He has to sit to chop things. His only activities are literally showering, going online, food prep, and if he’s lucky, he can go grocery shopping – as long as he can use a cart to keep himself upright. (He won’t use carts for handicapped). He’s 52. I am starting to think that he may be in a depression, in addition to his medical issues. We have no physical activity between us, either. It’s very sad for me to watch him disappear.

I agree with you that this is very unusual.  I would suggest that your fiancé have further evaluation and testing.  Depression is very common in dialysis patients and in patients with chronic medical illness.  Your fiancé should ask his nephrologist … Continue reading

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I had a successful transplant 2 years ago and I’m doing well. I’m embarrassed to ask this, but is there anything we should not do sexually? We are not into anything weird, but just want to keep my kidney safe. There isn’t any website information that I can find. Thank you.

Sexual performance after a kidney transplant is not changed.  Many men have improved sexual desire and better stamina after a kidney transplant.  We have a blog on our web site that reviews sexuality after transplantation.  Please go to our web … Continue reading

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