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My father had a kidney transplantation before 10 years when his both kidneys went out failure. Now same condition is present. His kidney works very little. He doesn’t eat food or other things. His weight gone down from 60 kg to 38 kg in 6-7 months. What should I do?

Your father must consult with a nephrologist to determine the cause of the failure in the kidney transplant and if dialysis is necessary. If function in the kidney transplant cannot be recovered, then a return to dialysis with possible re-transplantation … Continue reading

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I have done my kidney transplant. My creatinine is 2 and stable. Should I worry about it? I don’t have any other problem and have had my transplant for 3 months and my mother was my donor. Her age is 45 years and my age is 19 years. Why is my creatinine level not going down?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination. There a number of reasons why your creatinine may not be falling or remaining at 2.0 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). This may be all … Continue reading

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I have a question about deceased donor kidney transplants from 2003. Do they generally last 10-15 years on average or longer? Does one generally die with a functioning transplant? Also, if I have a family history of kidney disease should I be checked again? When I was younger it was said that I did not have it, I assume that’s still the case, but my mom had it, and recently passed away from complications from immune system issues. It’s called PKD.

According to statistics published by the United Network for Organ Sharing (, the expected half life for cadaveric organ transplants in 2003 would have been in the range of 8 to 9 years. This means that on average, one half … Continue reading

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Hello sir, My dad is suffering from kidney disease. We came to know about it by the KFT Test, and in the result Urea-144 Creatinine-13 Sodium-129. Then our doctor advised to do dialysis and we did it 5 times. Now Urea is 75 and creatinine is 5.2. So I would like to ask you, what should we do to bring these levels to normal range? And what treatment should we take?

Your father appears to have very advanced kidney disease. I am unable to make any other specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. It may be necessary for your father to be permanently on dialysis or seek a … Continue reading

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Dr. Spry, I am finding conflicting information re: Post Kidney Transplant Patient [immunosuppressed due to medications] and avoiding contact with a person who has shingles/internal shingles. Kidney Transplant Patient had shingles 1 1/2 yrs post transplant and would like to avoid another outbreak, at all costs. Please advise. Thank you.

At the present time, there is no vaccination or immunization available for a transplant recipient to prevent shingles (herpes zoster). These vaccinations are with a live virus, which cannot be used in someone who is on immune suppressing medications. The … Continue reading

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Doctor, I am a Dialysis Patient. The dialysis has not made any improvement from many years. Artificial kidney is not coming into existence even getting face posts and WhatsApp messages that something good is on it’s way. In Sha Allah, Allah says he has kept remedy/ solution for all diseases except getting older. Hence my thought is instead of dialysis, can’t we exchange the blood in our body with new blood and get the old blood dialyze and reuse it in next sitting as we change the bike/ care oil which gets corrupted.

There is no way to exchange blood at the present time. There is no way to remove all of the blood from someone without resulting in death. Hence, for now, all research on trying to miniaturize the components of a … Continue reading

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Am I able to donate a kidney to a family member if I am found to be a match if the recipient has not been placed on the organ donor list? He recently underwent Stem cell therapy which didn’t help and his kidneys are functioning at 26%. I’m thinking we need to be proactive and not wait till his kidneys fail before we start to look for potential matches in the family and close friends that are willing.

In order to be matched with a potential recipient of a kidney transplant, it is first necessary that the recipient be evaluated and make sure that he or she is a candidate to receive a kidney transplant. Hence, it is … Continue reading

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Hi Sir, Recently my father right side kidney was removed due to renal mass cancer. The mass size greather than 7. That’s why doctor suggested to remove kidney, but the left side kidney smaller than right side kidney, It has some bubbles doctors told me. He landed On dialysis weekly twice is necessary. But recently he checked creatinine i.e 6.06. Before operation it was around 3 to 3.50, but after operation it has raised. The left side kidney is working little. Could you please suggest me is there any alternative solution instead of dialysis to work the left side kidney?

If the only remaining kidney is small and functioning poorly, then dialysis or transplantation would be the only alternatives. If time passes and the remaining kidney does not show improved function, then treatment with long term dialysis is the only … Continue reading

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Will HPV 2 prevent a person from having a kidney transplant?

Human papilloma virus (HPV) infections can be associated with vaginal viral warts as well as cervical, vaginal and anal cancers. Each Transplant Center must determine what to do in someone with chronic HPV infection. This is a difficult problem. In … Continue reading

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Sir, we are going for kidney transplant and want to know what are the test to be done of donor and recipient and how much the results have to be to match? Please send me reply. I shall be very pleased. Thank you.

The testing required for a kidney transplant varies with the transplant center, but in general requires ABO blood type matching, HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-D testing, as well as cross-matching. In some laboratories, Anti-HLA testing and Panel Reactive Antibody (PRA) testing … Continue reading

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