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I have felt miserable with my dx of CKD Stage 4. I have had every test under the sun. I even see a therapist. My labs are stable considering having had this dx since Oct 2017. It came out of no where. Is there any kind of treatment to help. My biopsies stated that CKD came from Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. Biopsies done one year ago Jan 2018. I have become anemic, high blood pressure and high cholesterol since my dx. Does this chronic illness/disease continue to get worse? I have not seen or heard of any treatments unless my GFR is at 15. Mine is 20 now. I just feel as though I have searching for over a year for something. I cannot take this fatigue, lower back pain, dizziness, feeling faint, nauseau, unable to concentrate and mild confusion to go away. I get there is no cure but there must be something.

At some point, your nephrologist must determine that the symptoms you are relating are potentially treated by dialysis and transplant. You should be eligible to be evaluated for listing on the transplant list once your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) … Continue reading

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Hello, I am a recent kidney transplant recipient. Can you tell me if hibiscus tea is harmful to transplant medication? Thank you.

Unfortunately, there is no studies that have looked at transplant patients who have taken hibiscus tea and compared them with transplant patients who have not taken hibiscus tea. It is my feeling that if this is used in small daily … Continue reading

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My brother-in-law has had a transplanted kidney for 32 years. But it is now failing and must go on dialysis as he waits for another transplant. Since he still has some kidney function left, should he continue to takes his rejection meds so that he can enjoy some kidney function for as long as it lasts? We realize this is a question ultimately for his physician but what is the industry standard practice, so to speak. As an aside, he has been a motivational speaker for NKF conferences.

In most cases, the transplant physicians recommend continuing some anti-rejection medication while awaiting a second transplant. The dose and the types of anti-rejection medication that are continued is often a local recommendation at the discretion of the transplant physician. I … Continue reading

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Dear Sir, Can O+ (positive) donate kidney to O- (negative)?

Yes, a blood type O positive can donate a kidney to a blood type O negative individual. The Rh (Rhesus) status on the red blood cell, which is the positive or negative aspect of blood typing, is not important in … Continue reading

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5 years ago I received a kidney & liver transplant at the University of Pennsylvania. About 4 months later I developed perpheral neurophathy in my hip, legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes and hands. The chronic pain, numbness, tingling and stiffness is difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Even while using opioids and Klonipin to control the daily discomfort. My team of doctors feel that I am reacting to the immunosuppressive medications. Do you have any recearch information on the use of CBD #1 or #2 to help control the pain while rebuilding the nerve myelin sheaths to heal & calm the irritated nerve endings? The suggestion to use CBD 1 or 2 was recommended by my family doctors who use it to help their chronic pain patients in Florida. They felt I would receive benefit from it’s use. But I am concerned about the effects CBD oil would have on my transplant organs keeping them healthy or causing any type of rejection. My home doctors know little to nothing about CBD’s use or side effects & are reluctant to learn about it’s use, possible side effects and recovery possibilities. What is you opinion on this natural pain reliever on the effects of kidney and liver function? Though there is more then 100 years of research on Hemp Seed Oil, my doctor’s are reluctant to discuss this topic in terms of relieving pain. Can you help guide me to information that might help answer my questions on the usefulness of CBD Oil 1 & 2? Thank you for you assistance to figure this conundrum out. Sincerely.

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for any purpose is mostly on the basis of anecdotal reports. This means that a group of individuals report good responses with use of CBD oil. The number of people who have tried CBD … Continue reading

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I have a brother who is in the hospital for high blood pressure. The Dr’s are saying that his kidneys are now damaged. He has been on B/P meds for the last two years and that dialysis is the only option. He tells me that his creatinine levels are elevated and are not dropping. Also his potassium level is low. He is not sold on doing dialysis and wanted to know if there are other options besides dialysis or a transplant. He asked the Dr’s about a holistic approach but to no avail.

I can only suggest that your brother listen to the physicians caring for him and try to make the best decision that he can. There is no other approach to kidney failure other than dialysis, transplant or consider entering a … Continue reading

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My brother was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure with about 3-5% function left. My brother received a kidney transplant 25 years ago from our other brother and only has 1 kidney. The hospital is saying that he cannot receive dialysis until he gets insurance but does not qualify for Medicare until he is sicker or he gets an outpatient consultation- which the hospital canceled because he doesn’t have insurance. My brothers creatinine levels keep rising but the hospital says his potassium levels is what needs to be watched. My sister and I both want to get tested to donate but they said they can’t test us until he is assessed by the transplant team which also won’t help until he has insurance. I do not want my brother to get so sick he can’t handle a transplant but I feel he is being held back from treatment. Is there any other steps we can take? I feel like we are just watching and waiting for him to get too severe.

Your brother should consult with a nephrologist. If your brother has only 3-5% kidney function remaining, he should be eligible for social security disability insurance (SSI) and this would also make him eligible for Medicaid and possibly Medicare. It is … Continue reading

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Dear Doctor, I’ve been having CKD for almost 4 months now. It’s now in Stage 4, GFR around 19% (creatinine around +-3, urea around 50 to 100) I’m female and 26 years old. Indonesian. I feel like my body is getting weaker and weaker, and I can’t work normally. My albumin, Hgb and other number/parameter are also abnormal. What I don’t understand, my doctor refuses to talk about future possibility of kidney transplant. He keeps suggesting to me to just focus on the medicine, so that dialysis won’t start any time soon. In other hand, I wish I can do transplant as soon as possible even before I start dialysis (possible donor would be from my brother/sister). Please, kindly inform us, when is the right time to do kidney transplant? In my case, is it not the time yet? Should I wait until my CKD reaches stage 5? Thank you so much for your response.

I would agree with your thoughts on this issue. I agree that you and your nephrologist should make a plan and if your brother or sister can be evaluated as a possible donors, then the transplant can be planned in … Continue reading

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My wife had a success cadaver kidney transplant done about 3 years back. However, 6 months ago she was detected with BK virus (Quantitative 150000) and the nephrologist stopped her medicine Mycophenolate Mefotil 500 mg BD. She was given Lefra 20 OD and about a month back the report showed BK virus negative. But suddenly in the last week report, the creatinine has increased from 1.4 to 4.29. The Doctor has biopsy done and the report indicates acute tubulointerstitial nephritis and no rejection. She has been administered Inj.Sumenodrol 500 mg for 3 days and Mycophenolate Mefotil has been restarted. Please advice is the graft kidney safe and medication started by the treating nephrologist in the right direction? Regards.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis or recommend treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination. The story that you describe is a clinical course I have seen with BK virus reactivation seen in the presence of … Continue reading

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I suffer CKD and I want transplant but unfortunately there is no donor in my family. Is there any other source for me to avail kidney?

Yes, you can go on a kidney transplant waiting list and see if a cadaver (deceased) donor kidney becomes available. However, I do not know if cadaver kidney transplantation is available in your country. I suggest that you visit with … Continue reading

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