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My brother 54 has undergone kidney transplant surgery in Sep 2017. But he got fever few weeks ago and kidney biopsy shows shows BK viral infection. May I know, is it curable?

BK virus infection of the kidney can cause rejection of the kidney. In most cases, the amount of immune suppression medications must be decreased and carefully monitored in order for the virus to be cleared from the system. Treatment of … Continue reading

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Hello! I am a white woman 39 years old. I plan to move to the US. I have type 1 diabetes and kidney transplantation from my mother. Now the level of creatinine is 1-1.2. In Russia, I take the Advagraf (Tacrolimus) 6 mg and Myfortik (Mycophenolic acid) 720 mg, as well as insulin aspart (Novorapid) and insulin detemir (Leveemir). I also have hypertension, I take Valsartanum, Amlodipinum, Bisoprololum, Physiotens. I have a green card. How can I get medicine in the US and how can I get a doctor’s consultation, take an analysis for the concentration of tacrolimus, other blood and urine tests? Where can I get acquainted with the rules for obtaining or buying such drugs? Which doctor should I consult for? What kind of insurance plans do people in the US use with my diseases? Will I be able to fly with my drugs for 6 months? Thank you.

If you are relocating to the United States, it will be important for you to find a kidney transplant center near where you will be living. The National Kidney Foundation has a web page devoted to finding a kidney transplant … Continue reading

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What would cause a person who is in need of a liver and kidney transplant to not qualify for a living donor organ if they are a match to a sibling? I am a student nurse and am just curious about this. I am trying to understand CKD and transplants in more detail.

It would be unheard of for a sibling to donate both a kidney and part of a liver. This would be a very challenging surgery and likely associated with a significant increase in risk to the donor. Liver/kidney transplants have … Continue reading

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Hi, my son has a kidney transplant and battles chronic EBV that has resulted in PTLD (treated and recovered) in the past. His viral loads are watched closely for reoccurrance. I’ve read the arginine/lysine ratio is important with regard to suppression. Is Lysine safe to take with impaired renal function and if so, at what maximum dose? Thank you

I have never used the arginine to lysine ratio in the clinical treatment of any person with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or a kidney transplant. I do not recommend the use of supplements in patients with a kidney transplant. The … Continue reading

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My husband is 46 and has Polycystic Kidney Disease. He is now in the 5th stage of CKD and he should be prepared to replace kidney function. I am 45 and I have no other health problems except Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with >1000 antibodies (anti-tro). He has blood type O+ and I have A+. Am I a good candidate for being a kidney donor for him?

Your blood types are incompatible. Your husband’s Blood Type O means that he has antibodies against Blood Type A in his blood. Hence, in order to donate a kidney to him, very special and high risk treatments would have to … Continue reading

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My brother is currently being evaluated for a kidney transplant. He has lupus and has been on dialysis for almost 6 years. I am 63 years old and in very good health, and because he and I are very similar physically I am hoping I may be a good match for him. However, I am a retired correction officer, and in 1999 my regular TB test reacted positively. My liver wasn’t able to tolerate the medication for the full course; I believe I was able to complete about 5 weeks of a 3 month treatment before I was told to stop taking it. I know that I don’t have the actual disease, but I was told to stop donating blood because of this, and I am wondering if this automatically precludes my ability to donate organs. Thank you.

The condition that you describe is called “latent tuberculosis” and means that the tuberculosis can reactivate at a later date. I am not aware that this finding would make you ineligible as a kidney donor. I am sure they will … Continue reading

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My husband has polycystic kidneys. The left one has cancer also. QUESTION Can he have both of the kidneys removed & a family member (if compatible, give him a kidney). We are aware of the criteria for cancerous kidneys concerning transplant. We are talking about not using the donor list.

If the remaining kidney is still working sufficiently, even though it is polycystic, there should be no reason to perform a kidney transplant at this time. Removing a functioning kidney would not be medically indicated. In the case of kidney … Continue reading

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Can I use whey protein or protienx etc product of protein supplement after kidney transplantation ?

I do not recommend protein supplementation after kidney transplantation. I usually recommend no more protein than 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. If the protein in your diet exceeds this amount, then I do not recommend further … Continue reading

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Hi, My father is 62 years old. He is having infection in kidney. His creatinine is 9. A month ago, his condition was so poor that he was admitted in ICU for 3 days and 3 days in ward. He was admitted because he was not having urine properly and motion at all because of which approximately 3 liters of water was in his body and his body got swelled up and because of which his heart rate was 30-40. During that time when he was admitted in hospital, one dialysis he had which was necessary for him. Now presently his condition is good and he can walk and eat without anyone’s support. But the problem is that his creatinine is not lowering and is 9. And his health is also getting poor. Today, the doctor who is treating him said that before it is too late, decide whether he will have dialysis or kidney transplant? Can you please tell what’s best for him and what are the ways that we can avoid dialysis and his creatinine lowers?

I am not able to give you medical advice without performing a complete history and physical examination. Your father appears to have very advanced kidney disease. I suggest that you consult with the nephrologist who is caring for your father. … Continue reading

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Is there another way of treating CKD stage 4 other than dialysis then transplant? If a kidney is available? Is there no plant based cure to reverse CKD?

There is no plant based cure for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  I cannot recommend dialysis or transplantation without knowing more about your Stage 4 CKD.  I suggest that you consult with your nephrologist.  

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