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Suffering from ckd 5. Is there any chance to cure the disease without transplant or dialysis?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) Stage 5 means that there has been a permanent loss of over 85% of kidney filtering capacity. This cannot be replaced or recovered. Hence, for CKD Stage 5 the only ways to manage are dialysis, transplantation … Continue reading

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How long one can survive after kidney transplant?

You can survive a very long time and in some cases, the rest of your life with a successful kidney transplant.

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I had a Kidney transplant 3 yrs ago. Am I still considered to have ESRD?

Technically, you are classified as having End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) because you required kidney replacement therapy (which just happens to be a kidney transplant). Under the ESRD regulations for treatment of ESRD after a kidney transplant, you are eligible … Continue reading

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I just purchased Alba Hawaiian sunscreen and noticed that it contains Green Tea. I know you shouldn’t drink green tea after a kidney transplant but if it is applied topically in sunscreen will that affect my new kidney?

I do not know of any ill effects of Green Tea if applied topically. Drinking Green Tea can interfere with some of your transplant immunosuppressive drugs.

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My cardiologist suggested that I be given Clindamycin (600) and Gentamycin (80) during a colonoscopy in case polyps needed to be removed. Is this safe for my transplanted kidney?

A single dose of these medications are safe for your transplanted kidney. These antibiotics are used for prophylaxis of bacterial endocarditis in patients with valvular heart disease.

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I had a kidney transplant in 1994 and it worked great for almost 20 years. I had to start dialysis again, and yet I still had the transplanted kidney. I was still taking my anti-rejection medication and I never had any issues with infection or rejection. I was incarcerated in 2014 and spent over a year in prison, I was still on dialysis at the time. At the end of 2015 a nephrologist working at the prison took me off of my immunosuppressant medicine; stating that since the transplanted kidney was not working any more there was no need to take the medicine anymore. I eventually rejected the kidney and had to have a nephrectomy. My only question, is this a common thing to be done with these circumstances I have mentioned?

There is no universally accepted treatment guidance in this regard. Whether to continue immunosuppression after a return to dialysis is handled differently from location to location. In most cases, the immunosuppression is tapered off one drug at a time in … Continue reading

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I live in New Zealand. Can I donate a kidney to a non blood family member in Canada?

The person in Canada would have to get on a list in Canada to be accepted as a kidney transplant recipient and then you could offer to donate at that kidney transplant center in Canada. Hence, your non blood family … Continue reading

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Is it okay to have a Cardiac Nuclear test 2 & 1/2 years after a kidney transplant? Would it be safe for the new kidney?

Yes. The nuclear testing done for heart disease does not have any ill effects on the kidney or a kidney transplant. If, however, a cardiac catheterization with contrast dye is done at a later date, this will require preparation and … Continue reading

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Where can I find data on average (or better than average) life expectancy of a transplanted kidney? I received a kidney from my sister in September 1999. At that time, we were told we had a 6 of 6 antigen match. I had trouble with infections the first 5 years post-transplant, but after that, it’s been smooth sailing. My current daily meds consist of 500mg mycophenolate mofetil, 2x a day, enalapril, 5mg prednisone, and a statin. I am, an otherwise, healthy 62 y/o female and trying to decide whether or not to take early Social Security retirement, or try to keep working for the next 4 years until my full retirement age. If the life expectancy of a kidney XP isn’t much more than what I have now, then I might take the early retirement (You are only paid a percentage of your benefits when you take benefits prior to your full retirement age, and that penalty lasts throughout your lifetime. Hence, you can never collect your full benefits.). If there’s a chance I have another 10 years or so with this graft, then I might keep working. I can’t really afford to retire on Social Security, especially at a reduced rate, but at the same time, I am getting awfully tired. So this is why I’d like to find data on life expectancy of kidney transplants. THANK YOU!

The United Network for Organ Sharing maintains this data. You can access the data at this site: Remember, this data gives you average life expectancy and does not give you maximum life expectancy. Your transplant is now out nearly … Continue reading

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2 years ago, my partner was diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy – and we recently discovered he has heart disease (a stent was placed to open up a 95% blockage to one of the main arteries in the heart). While the catheterization was being done, they discovered 5 other less serious blockages – but have said that bypass surgery is required. The other blockages are not “stentable” – and given his impaired kidney functioning, we should prepare for a life of dialysis going forward after the surgery because the likelihood that he will have renal failure is high. We are seeking another opinion – but believe the recommendation will be the same. Any thoughts on how we might prevent renal failure in this situation – or is it truly something we need to mentally get ready to integrate into our life going forward? He is a non-smoker, 5’8″ and 140 lbs, not a diabetic and not a drinker – so we’re hopeful that at 48 he is still strong enough to navigate these challenges and live on. One onther question – if we were to consider a kidney transplant post bypass surgery – how long should we wait (with the assumption that he will have the standard recovery from heart surgery) We have large families and there’s many people offering up a kidney for him if that is the longer term outcomes. Thanks – appreciate your insight.

There is an increased risk of kidney failure from acute kidney injury after coronary bypass surgery. It is not a 100% absolute risk but the risk is relatively high. I am not able to give a medical opinion without performing … Continue reading

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