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I did flow crossmatch and the result is as mentioned below: T cell crossmatch: negative for both recipient and donor. B cell crossmatch weak positive for recipient and negative for donor. I had blood transfusion in month of October 2017 but still I am not ready for transplant. My question is what if I wait for 3 months and do the same crossmatch?

Each Immunology laboratory has their own way of interpreting cross matches. Transplants are often performed despite a weak B-cell crossmatch but I am not able to offer you a prognosis. I suggest that you visit with the transplant nephrologist or … Continue reading

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Hello Dr. Spry, since a transplant patients’ immune system is already compromised, are they able to receive chemotherapy to treat cancer? Thank you.

That depends on the chemotherapy that is used. In some cases, the transplant medication is limited or stopped during chemotherapy. In other cases, chemotherapy and transplant medication can be given at the same time.

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Hello, I have been recently diagnosed with F.S.G.S. My Doctor is always very positive about everything avoiding straightforward answers (which is common in my side of the world). Protein in the urine has become 1700 mg / l (24 hour test) Creatinine has become 1.4. Both figures are more than few months ago. How can I understand better my FSGS stage? Are these figures indicative and relevant? Is there any particular way to know the progress (I mean deterioration) of my health situation (disease)?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a scarring disease of the kidney. There are many causes but treatments have not been very effective. The diagnosis is based on findings on a kidney biopsy and there are at least six different classifications … Continue reading

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My father had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He passed 2+ years ago. My mother has CKD due to a history of high blood pressure (HBP) and Type 2 Diabetes. I am free of HBP and Diabetes. I am O positive blood type, which makes me a universal donor. Can I be a living donor for my mother, or does the paternal leukemia preclude me from donating?

Your father’s leukemia should not be a disqualifying factor in whether or not you could be a kidney donor. Your mother must first be accepted on to the kidney transplant recipient list and then you could be evaluated as a … Continue reading

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I have 3 full functional kidneys, one is stacked on the other. Each have a tube to the bladder, why can I not donate a smaller one to someone in need. O NEGATIVE blood?

In the case of extra kidneys (known as supernumerary kidneys), the extra kidney is often very small. A small kidney will have very small blood vessels which may make it difficult if not impossible to technically perform a kidney donation. … Continue reading

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I am a nursing student and have a question I neglected to ask my instructors before the semester ended. It r/t kidney transplants. Our textbook, Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing (13th Ed), states on page 1557 that when a kidney transplant is performed the renal arteries and veins of the diseased kidneys are tied off and the kidney is left in place. How can this be? Since perfusion stops to the diseased kidney, necrosis must set in; an infection waiting to happen, no? I have seen no other mention of this sort of thing elsewhere online, aside from acknowledgements that the diseased kidney is left in place. Is my textbook wrong?

When performing a kidney transplant, there is no surgical intervention that is performed on the native kidneys. The transplanted kidney is placed in the iliac vessels just above the leg in the groin. The native kidneys lie in the upper … Continue reading

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Hi. I am considering being a living kidney donor. I have two questions. I am barred from donating blood, and I am wondering if this also rules me out for organ donation. The reason for being deferred from donating blood is that I had sex with someone from Nigeria in the 1990s. So, that falls under the high risk for HIV criteria. It was safe sex and it occurred only 3 or 4 times. I do not have HIV, but I guess there is some very remote chance I have some strain of it that is undetectable. So, that is the first thing. Secondly, familial ALS runs in my family, and I have the c9 or f72 gene mutation. I am 48 and show no signs of having ALS, but it may or may not rear its ugly head. If I do get ALS, I wouldn’t be able to donate organs upon death. I learned this when my father died. So, I am thinking if I want to donate an organ, now would be the time to do it. I look forward to hearing back from you.

I am not able to advise you about organ donation in this complex situation. The risk of donating a kidney is similar to donating blood, so you would require further testing in regards to your Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) exposure. … Continue reading

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My sister is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Main cause suggested by the doctor is hypertension. Her kidney sizes are right, 7.5 x 2.5 CM and left 7.7 x 3.5 CM. She is 25 years old, kindly guide whether it is curable through medicinal means and proper care and exercises or we fear that the situation will further go bad towards dialysis or transplant. Current level of creatinine is 5.8 and urea is 111.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. High blood pressure is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Once kidney function has been lost from high blood pressure, it is not … Continue reading

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I had my 2nd kidney transplantation 20 days ago. My creatinine after transplant was 0.54. Now it is 0.75. Why is it increasing?

This is a relatively normal finding after kidney transplantation. After the transplant procedure, large amounts of intravenous fluids are administered and this leads to a fall in the serum creatinine because of dilution. Once the intravenous fluids are stopped, the … Continue reading

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Sir, my father (age 55) is a diabetes patient for the last 20 years. His kidneys now have stopped functioning and he is presently on dialysis for the last 2-3 weeks. Sir, please tell me what his diet should be? Some times my father suddenly gets weak with intense sweating and he becomes unconscious, and only his eye remains open. Why does this happen with him? Is it possible for my father to receive a kidney transplant (blood group b +) from a person of a+ blood group?

The diet for a dialysis patient must be specific to the person on dialysis. There is normally a dietitian that is assigned to your father on dialysis. Perhaps the nephrologist or nurse who is caring for your father can recommend … Continue reading

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